Men’s Collection Spring Summer 2015

Trussardi Men’s collection Spring/Summer 2015


Individuality and pride. A sense of strong, dignified masculinity. Gaia Trussardi blends impeccable formal taste with the rugged elegance of workwear, and the seductive tailoring of the zooties – that dazzling fashion sub-culture that was a very personal expression of the exciting Jazz Age – with the naturally chic and domestically heroic humanity portrayed by Seydou Keïta, creating the figure of a genuinely contemporary man that unites a culture for the body and clothes through travel and various influences.

The suit has new proportions. Jackets with bold volumes and high-waisted three-dart trousers come in a range of pinstriped fabrics with reinterpreted patterns and textures. The workwear world is can be seen in the indigo blue fabrics, in jackets with patch pockets, in heavy selvedge denim trousers, and in rugged leathers such as bull leather and hide used for boxy outerwear.  Graphic patterns and pictorial motifs give textures a sense of substance. Banana leaves are printed on shirts or used for jacquard knit sweaters. Oversized shirts create an airy look.

Materials: jersey, denim, cotton, linen and silk blends, chambray, leather.

Color palette: shades of beige, gray, blue, and tobacco with splashes of red in prints.

Accessories: moccasins and sandals with thick soles. Fanny packs, backpacks, and duffle bags are authentic pieces given a proud new interpretation.

Trussardi Men’s Bags Spring/Summer 2015



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Trussardi Men’s Accessories Spring/Summer 2015



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