Travel Details, the Trussardi event supporting scientific research

It's December 4, 2012, the sun is setting on Piazza della Scala in Milan and Café Trussardi is about to be the prestigious setting for a unique charity event in favor of scientific research studying the therapeutic properties of curcuma. International web bloggers and journalists have arrived at Café Trussardi for Travel Details, the event named after Trussardi's capsule collection for globetrotters. Beatrice Trussardi and Paolo Veronesi are the hosts welcoming the guests, and the Café Trussardi counter island at center stage soon reflects the yellow hue of the oriental spice. Chef Luigi Taglienti and expert nutritionist Marco Bianchi introduce the guests to the flavor and benefits of curcuma through the dish that the chef created especially for the occasion: mackerel with lemon, curcuma, and balsamite. 
After the sampling session, the time has come to discover the Travel Detail limited edition collection that supports research: 50% of the proceeds from the sale are donated to Fondazione Umberto Veronesi. All eyes and many cameras are focused on Travel Details to admire the details: the blue and silver beauty case, the document holder, and luggage tags. The brand with the greyhound celebrates by inviting all its web friends to an experience that unites fashion and food to support the scientific research of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi.

Blue and silver for modern globetrotters on the move


Travel Details is the collection for people who love to explore not only places, but also experiences and emotions offered by the perfection of exquisite details. Trussardi's passion and commitment in various sectors – from culture to research – have led to its creation of Travel Details, the capsule collection for refined globetrotters.
The collection, which comes in blue or silver (the colors of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi), is composed of three items. There is a beauty case that holds a sleep mask and travel slippers, which are also perfect for relaxing on the plane. The document holder is a trusted friend of the traveler who cares about detail: it resembles an elegant clutch, but inside you'll find well-organized pockets and compartments. The luggage tags add a touch of personality and style to the globetrotter's baggage. The travel theme has always been in Trussardi's DNA: we love to be inspired by new horizons while preserving the tradition of Italian excellence. Curiosity and research have always been the keys to Trussardi collections, the perfect interpreters of travel with modern classic style.

Mackerel with lemon, curcuma and balsamite

In this video, Chef Luigi Taglienti and expert nutritionist Marco Bianchi present the starring recipe of the Travel Details evening: mackerel with lemon, curcuma, and balsamite. Trussardi and Fondazione Umberto Veronesi created a recipe that perfectly combines Mediterranean and oriental flavors, taste, and wellbeing, thanks to the precious spice with golden nuances.
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