Lucinda: Trussardi’s new bag, already a style icon

The historic logo is proof that greyhounds – a symbol of movement and a search for innovation – have always been a passion of Trussardi. The Trussardi family's pet greyhounds have always had names starting with the letter L (for "levriero", which means greyhound in Italian), and this family custom has inspired the name of the latest bag: Lucinda, the "it" bag for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, already a style icon of the maison.


A new concept of luxury


Embodying a new concept of luxury, Lucinda is rigid yet soft. It is multifaceted, starting with its shape. Its soft rounded silhouette contrasts with the neo-classical geometric-shaped flap on the front embellished with a luxurious clasp that was first used on Trussardi's historic travel trunks. The two-dimensional graphic cuts contrast with the three-dimensional effect of the materials that creates solid character with an unconventional spirit. This unique accessory uses unconventional combinations to create harmony and movement: crocodile, python, Ayers snakeskin, and even that evergreen favorite, nappa leather. Its striking look is accentuated by the choice of tone-on-tone nuances such as cream/butter/canary yellow and maroon/rust/tan or by the use of contrasting hues such as blue/black/cognac. One iconic bag reflecting the infinite facets of the Trussardi woman: Lucinda is sure to become an indispensable and very familiar accessory. Carried by hand or slung over the shoulder, it comes in a larger version for everyday use or in a flirty, fun smaller format ideal for a special occasion.