Trussardi, symbol of Made in Italy excellence, elegance and innovation for over 100 years, is teaming up with Coca-Cola, the world’s largest producer of soft drinks, for two exclusive limited-edition projects.

Trussardi dresses the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle for its centenary celebrations

Trussardi is the first fashion brand to dress the iconic Coca-Cola bottle to celebrate the first 100 years of the glass contour bottle that helped make this brand famous all over the world.
Two limited edition bottles are born from the collaboration between the strong identities and traditions of these two companies. The symbolic red of Coca-Cola and the brown and gold of Trussardi will be blended together, to give the bottle an elegant and ironic look, especially with the miniature greyhound (Trussardi’s logo for over 40 years).
The two limited edition glass Coca-Cola bottles will be available within the Coca-Cola pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 and at the Café Trussardi from June until October 2015.

The limited edition series for Coca-Cola light


Trussardi creativity meets the most fashionable and contemporary Coca-Cola brand, Coca-Cola Light, to make a limited edition series entitled ‘Elegantly Cool’ consisting of three cans customised by the greyhound brand.
The first two cans bear a stylised version of the Trussardi greyhound motif, which is ironically interpreted in a mix of bright colours such as Coca-Cola red, acid green, purple and cherry.
The third graphic design stars a gold version of Trussardi’s historic ‘lizard’ print, which stands out against the silver can and ties in with the greyhound brand’s two recurring themes: the elegant combination of metals and the use of typical luxurious materials such as leather goods.

The three Trussardi creations for Coca-Cola light will be available through a wide selected distribution network and prestigious restaurants and cafés all over Italy from June to December 2015.