BMW Series 5 Gran Turismo Trussardi

The BMW Series 5 Gran Turismo Trussardi was inspired by the color of leather and gloves. The car, co-designed by BMW Italia and Trussardi, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Italian fashion house that has always sought different ways to express and represent its values. Elegantly understated, the Trussardi car inaugurates a new type of automobile: a Sports Activity Vehicle combined with a classic Gran Turismo car. It is extremely elegant, spacious, and full of details that reveal the great attention paid to every phase of its design and production. Let's discover it together.

Heraldic Brown: an exclusive color


The sleek lines of the BMW Series 5 Gran Turismo Trussardi are emphasized by a special color: the exclusive Heraldic Brown, a warm brown with a metallic finish. The three-layer coating allows the chassis to change color according to the light, which enhances every detail inside and out.
The fashion house emblem is displayed on the sides of the car near the turn signals. The 20 inch double spoke alloy hubcaps were specially burnished to match the unique color of the car. Each detail reveals the style of this unique automobile.

The car with Trussardi’s Italian style

Tomaso Trussardi is the CEO of TRS Evolution, a company of Trussardi Group that produces Trussardi's main and second collections of apparel and accessories. He is also responsible for the group's business development in emerging markets with high potential.
Tomaso Trussardi studied Economics in college and received a Master's in Corporate Finance and Banking from Bocconi University of Milan.

You were a staunch supporter of the partnership between Trussardi and BMW. Why make a Trussardi car, and why choose BMW?
Trussardi has always been involved in special projects that spoke a language which was not strictly tied to fashion. Ours is a lifestyle brand in which fashion is its beating heart. At the same time, we have established important partnerships that have given us a unique identity and made us a pioneer in various sectors. We've worked with major companies such as Mini, Alitalia, Garelli, Alfa Romeo, Vespa, and Augusta. We were the first to "dress" a car with accessories created by a fashion brand.
BMW is the ideal partner for Trussardi. A leader in its sector, its success is based on quality, reliability, performance, an eye for design, and an attention to detail: all elements that it shares with Trussardi.

Elegance isn't just about clothes: it's a lifestyle. What characteristics did Trussardi give to a BMW?
We applied all our expertise based on hundred years of working leather and seeking pioneering new techniques. Trussardi's style office worked to create a car that reflected our brand identity through our distinctive stylistic elements: the 'heraldic brown' chassis and soft nappa leather interior produced with the same technique used for a historic glove from the Trussardi archive

What is the Trussardi lifestyle and what other partnerships has the brand launched to make this dream come true?
Trussardi works in four fields for which Italy is famous worldwide: fashion (our core business), design (our latest project was in cooperation with designer Michael Young), food (with our two-Michelin-star restaurant and our continuous search for innovative, quality cuisine), and contemporary art with the Nicola Trussardi Foundation.
These many collaborative projects are part of our brand's heritage and are a fundamental element of our brand identity. Our first projects were launched in the eighties. We were the first fashion house that worked with an airline – Alitalia – and it was a revolution in the sector.

What sort of driver are you? What is your driving style? Is it relaxed and does it allow you to enjoy new horizons, or is it more focused on power and performance?
I love driving and I love cars. I like to discover new places and enjoy the scenery while I'm behind the wheel of a comfortable, stable car. I also like to drive high performance cars, but I always respect the rules and care about safety.

What might be the destination of your next long trip by car?
In the summer, I love to drive to Elba Island, with its gorgeous coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea. I enjoy spending time in my family's villa, where I can relax and indulge in little everyday habits and familiar activities.

Trussardi and BMW: inspiration from the past

When the Trussardi leather workshop was established in Bergamo in 1911, leather gloves were its most refined product. The glove was ultra-soft and had a ribbing pattern. Today the Trussardi car and its unique interior renew the artisan values of the fashion house. The Trussardi greyhound has been turned into a 245 hp six-cylinder engine.
In its elegant and exclusive interior, the driver and passengers will find the Trussardi greyhound heat-embossed on the headrests and seats covered in special leather in the shade of Leather Glove Beige, with contrasting stitching accentuating the ribbed motif used in the old Trussardi glove factory.