Cyprien Gaillard, urban revelations

In this video, Massimiliano Gioni, curator of Rubble and Revelation, reveals the keys to the modern archaeology of Cyprien Gaillard, rising star in the contemporary arts scene. Enter the world of Rubble and Revelation.

Inauguration of Cyprien Gaillard’s Rubble and Revelation


Rubble and Revelation is an intermix of music and meanings that change with the visitors. The city greets the inauguration with a long line of art lovers, mostly students who see Cyprien Gaillard as a modern icon: a roving life, from Los Angeles to Berlin, a skateboard and a career as an art prodigy. Just inside the door, the guests are received by the sacral strains of Wagner’s Das Rheingold, remixed by the experimental group Salem. They are then captivated by the slow-motion images of a building, their eyes fixed, waiting for some movement in the Pruitt-Igoe Falls video. Finally the building collapses in a huge cloud of dust that submerges the whole room in darkness.
The barracks housing the exhibition is immersed in darkness, lightened only by the greenish glow of Cyprien’s video works. Large bare spaces, cold brick walls, and windows that attenuate the light. Rubble and Revelation is an exhibition that seizes the imagination, forcing the viewer to come to terms with different dimensions and physical supports: large sheets of paper and charcoal, videos, small postcards that defend hidden landscapes, black and white photos linked by fragments of meteorite, and a sea of color polaroids arranged with scrupulous refinement. The guests file their way through the show in an orderly manner, silent. Some with concentrated gazes and furrowed brows, others looking around for the artist, who is also visiting the exhibition. Rubble and Revelation is an emotional path through the spectacularization of destruction: people and thoughts move through the timeworn rooms of the barracks in search of revelations of the city, once again falling prey to the disorientation of transformations, changes, and destruction.

Rubble and Revelation: exhibition venues

Guise-shifting places, transformations, decadence, dereliction, and new systems of meaning.  This video reveals the charm and magic of the Caserma XXIV Maggio, Milanese venue for Rubble and Revelation.